Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I am quickly adding to my blog as Mia and Ella are playing outside - they are "BFF" today which is cute! It is getting a little chilly outside now, so best get them in and shower them as I am working at the LSS tomorrow!

It is nearing the end of Ella's first year at school and Mia's 2nd, they finish on Dec 12! I cannot believe my beautiful girls are growing up!
I have to concentrate on finishing the teacher gifts off this week
then the Christmas cooking, decorating (ooh I love this time of year - especially now I have Children of my own)..

I am thankful today for:
1. My beautiful girls playing so nicely with each other
2. My dear friend Sam who continues to be a total inspiration to me - hugs Sam, you are my fave 18 year old!
3. My beautiful artistic friends who support all my fund raising efforts
4. The wonderful teaching staff at CC

Hug your loved ones tight tonight


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