Saturday, May 31, 2008


I cannot believe it is the 1st June today - pinch punch for first of the month!
There is still so much I want to do with this year, so I guess I had better get on with it before the year disappears into Christmas! Ugh did I say that word - no, just your imagination!
I have been busy finishing layouts for Bon's CC challenges, only have one more to go then I am finished May's challenges!

I am really looking forward to attending Crop4acause on June 21st - to catch up with the lovely scrapping ladies I met last time and because two of my very special online friends from Melbourne are making they way down for the day! I have not met them in real life, so this is very exciting, after chatting and sending and receiving RAK's for over a year now, we finally get to meet! This craft really connects us with very special treasured friends.

We are nearly at the end of Term 2 - I can hardly believe Ella's first year at School is flying past! She loves School and is reading very well!
Mia is in year 1 and her confidence, reading and maths have all improved out of sight! On Friday she came into the Canteen while I was working all smiles, as she was awarded her very FIRST 10 point card at Sport - (she has been waiting a year and a half for her first card) whilst Ella has been awarded 4 in her first year..
I was so pleased for her, it is a real achievement for Mia - especially in sport! The ten points go towards her House (which is Burrows) overall points for the term..

I have some new pictures of the girls to post today which are really cute!
On Thursday I went with the 2 Prep Classes on an excursion - they have been studying Transortation - so off we went 40 preps with 9 adults School bus to the East Geelong station, caught a train to Lara, back on the bus to Geelong waterfront, then onto a ferry for 1 hour cruise - it was such a beautiful Autumn day, the water was calm, the sun was shining and the children really enjoyed it. Then it was off the ferry, and a Helicopter pilot had a talk with the children about the helicopter, then we stopped on the grass near the waterfront for lunch - then walked to the Ford Discovery Centre for a tour! Then it was back on the bus and back to the school for dismissal time! Wow what a day, one cute Prep girl fell asleep cuddling me on the bus - so sweet, lots of happy, tired Preppies Thursday night I suspect!

Well I am signing off now, and going to check my emails, and then get ready for another busy week!
Speak soon, thanks for listening to my ramblings.. - will try and put a slideshow of my layouts on my blog this week
Be happy, safe and don't forget to hug your children tightly
As for me, I am thoroughly enjoying working at Inside Storie for Marisa, it is so much fun - I am presently organising my classes for the school holiday program and a couple of classes I am teaching at the shop this term!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


As a relatively new blogger, I would love you to leave a comment, even just to say hi, I am still learning to upload layouts and pics!
Ella has a singing concert tomorrow afternoon, otherwise a quiet weekend here, I have scrapped something for the shop, a challenge over at Bons and working on school holiday classes I am teaching at Inside Stories!
This part of the newest chapter in my life is very exciting - working Wednesday afternoons puts me in touch with other people other than "children" you know, real adult conversation,and at the same time being home for the girls, and what is great is that the customers are scrappers YEAH!
I am working on something really exciting with Marisa (owner of Inside Stories) more will be revealed ... so stay tuned!
Thanks for listening to me rambling on, I am really looking forward to Crop4aCause - Melissa Kennedy's fundraising crop which happens every 3 months in Geelong - this time we are raising money for 2 local families being touched by terminal cancer both of which have young children, so hopefully we can raise lots of dollars for these families.

Friday, May 23, 2008


Why not come over to Bons fab CC this Monday Night May 26th! Lots of fun, chat and challenges .... maybe I will see you there!


Bon has a great competition running - head over and take a look to win yourself $75 credit to spend, a Making Memories leather album, a Cropper Hopper Tote and more!
To register and find out more pop into the forum here -
It is the best place to meet great scrappers and make new online friends!

Monday, May 19, 2008


I am working Wednesday afternoons at INSIDE STORIES scrapbooking shop in East Geelong and loving it! Well someone said recently Marelle - it would not be like a real job - as you are obsessesed with scrapping - yes, absolutely - I am like a child in a lolly (candy for you Americans) factory!
Stay tuned for some other exciting news and details about the upcoming classes at Inside Stories!
Have to get the girls ready for another school day - until next time
Keep smiling (nobody will know what you have been up to! LOL)