Sunday, September 28, 2008


Dad and Mia and friend!!!!
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Look everyone at my first attempt at an "arty pic" lol every time I got behind Mia ella and DH Mia turned around to see if I was ok cute !!
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at the zoo last thurs

This little cheeky monkey loved an audience as you can see!!!!!
He put on a real show for us (including scratching his botty which the girls thought was hilarious lol)
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OK please forgive me still learning!

oops forgot to link Dannii's blog


Wow poor old cats - Well done Hawks you played very well!
Today I went to meet my online buddy Dannii who is an awesome photographer - she took shots of Mia and Ella down at Eastern Beach - it was fab to meet you Dannii you are a darling thank you so much!!!
go and do yourself a huge favour, visit Dannii's blog to see her beautiful photography!
From the photo shoot we went to a birthday party then home
We are into week two of school hols here and I am coping quite well lol

Thursday, September 25, 2008


Our little family went to the Zoo today - it was lovely walking around with lots of other people on school hols (dh loved it NOT lol) It was 24 degrees and Mia and ELla lasted nearly 3 hours after that they grew tired and wanted to come home!
will blog more tomorrow night as I am a little exhausted lol!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Tuesd 23rd Sept - day 2 of school hols

Well I have survived the second day of school hols!
We went into Geelong for a little shop - before we went Miss Ella had to put purple eyeshadow on and pink lippy - then we were sitting having a coffee and she pulls out the eyeshadow with mirror and proceeds to apply it - DH smiled and people around us look horified lol - as if she needed more eyeshadow on - Miss Ella will be 7 in Feb is going on 17!!

Tomorrow I am teaching school hol program at the shop so I will be at work all day!
Thursday we are off to Melb Zoo then Friday Ella's friend Emily is spending the day with us and Mia's friend Lucy is also spending the day and staying for a sleepover!
Then Sunday Mia and Ella and I are meeting my lovely online buddy Dannii(Kipindy Photography) who is a fab photographer and we are having a 2 hour shoot at Eastern Beach 9.30am - 11.30am
then off to the aquatic centre for one of the prep's birthdays (Thomas) who is a friend of Ella's.

I visited the lovely Jane Butler's blog and pinched this quote -
"Look for beauty in everyone you meet"


Saturday, September 20, 2008


Wow what a wonderful day at Crop4aacause - thanks so much to Melissa Al and their faithful band of helpers to create a sensational day once again.
And a very deserving cause this time too..
I had a lovely day \/night and got a little bit done scrapping wise, but talking and eating wise well - and laughing - what a healthy thing it is to have a belly laugh!
My gorgeous friend Fiona and her sweet daughter Amy were with me - and it was just fantastic!
I caught up with other ladies I see at this crop and got to see some special new product (thanks Mel) ooh stunning - and the best news from the day was that Kaiser is moving to larger premises and the factory outlet will be open every day HOORAY
And I have to tell you that Melissa has been asked to teach scrapping on an American cruise ship (whoo ) which has a 10day scrap cruise around the Whitsundays next November - I would lerve to go - mmm will ponder this one imagine 10 whole days of scrapping drinking cocktails and cruising WOW!!
Shelley G got lots of stunning otp projects done, and Julie S and Maria were there for the first time. Justine and her MIL were also there and big mmmmmwhaa to Justine for doing Mias M and Ellas E they loved them - very special scrapping friendsxxxxxxxxx
Off to go for a walk in this sunshine and let the school holidays begin


Thursday, September 18, 2008

one more sleep!!!

Tomorrow is Crop4acause! YIPPEEE 12 hours of scrapping chatting and laughing!
Today is the last day of term and the girls have 2 weeks hols..
The sun is shining in Portarlington, and I have Clem asleep and I am getting my scrapping stuff ready for tomorrow!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh I have just been informed via my blog by my friend Amy in America that some of my online buddies I have had for 4 years have been devastated by hurricane Ike
One of them Kris and her family have lost their home, one of my friends in America has started an online auction of scrapping goodies from her stash to help Kris and her family so - if you are feeling like giving to a good cause and getting some fab scrapping kits, etc, here is the link
Please remember (and pray if that is what you would like to do)for all the families affected by this tragic occurence - I cannot begin to imagine what it might feel like to lose your home..


wed 17 september 2008

I am just updating my blog before I tidy up and go to work at the LSS - Only 3 more sleeps until Crop4acause!
I finished 2 layouts last night and will upload before I go to work !
The sun is shining here this morning and as I drove the girls to school 8 pelicans glided overhead - such awkward looking birds when they walk, but to see them in the air - they look as light as a feather!
Take a look at the latest in baby couture! high heeled booties! (just a mere $35!)
Over and out for me
Smile at a stranger in the street today! you will make their day!
xxxxxhugs Mxxxx

Monday, September 15, 2008


Boy do I need a 12 hour scrapping fun fix!
only 4 sleeps to go until I get to play with 79 other like minded souls lol!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sunday 13th September

Today is the girls singing/acting concert!
Yesterday I assisted backstage for 7 hours on my feet!
Mia and Ella are very excited! I have to remember to get some pics whilst getting the littlies dressed!
So, after I tidy up, make sure we have everything for the concert, I will get ready and go! Luckily the performing arts centre is only 6 mins away!
I know some parents who have to travel fair distances for concerts!
So no scrapping today - but tomorrow I am looking after my baby friend Clem and Shelley is coming over to scrap!
So I am looking forward to that as I am having withdrawals!! lol
Thanks for reading my ramblings today

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thursday 11th

Today I am reflective of Sept 11 and I am thankful for all those brave people who helped tirelessly on that tragic day - let's pray that it does not ever happen again and peace will reign over our special world.

I have done this for Charm's 123 challenge

some recent layouts to show

This was an idea Shelley G suggested (thanks Shell)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Oops I have just learnt (thanks Al baby) to put links onto names
but - I did not get Shelley's correct (I know Shell pls forgive me xxxxx)
so here is the link to her blog

Shelley G is an amazing scrapper and friend!

Please be sure to leave lots of love at her blog!!


i received a nice I Love your Blog Award!

The lovely Al mmmmwhaaa! who I met recently at Crop4acause has become an online buddy left me a I love your blog award over at her blog! She is such a sweetheart
an awesome scrapper and works with Melissa Kennedy at Kaisercraft!!
So the rules are when you receive this award you must then nominate 7 of your fave blogs and list them!

So I will start with Shelley G - shelley I also met at Crop4acause and she now works at Create On Garden in the shop and teaches awesome scrapping and offthe page projects.. She is a very kind, generous and caring friend. Her blog is new, and she hasn't many visitors so I would love you to go and look at her work and leave her some love!

2. Sharon Tomlinson lives in Texas and I have been visiting her blog for a few years now. She is an inspiring artist and her blog is amazing! What this lady can do with serviettes and paint is incredible..

3. Charmane Koch (aka Charm) is a close online buddy of mine, a very special and generous friend and she is an amazing scrapper - if you haven't visited her blog, you are in for a fab treat!

This will have to be all for the moment, I will give you my remaining 4 tonight after the girls are in bed!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

another layout to share

Well lookie at this lol - the year was 1966!! Junior bridesmaid for my sister Dee's wedding
The photograph has been hand painted lol obviously pre digi and photoshop days LOL
I used lace, Heidi Grace pins, flowers and glitter thickers!
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Thursday, September 4, 2008


Friday already!
I just love happy mail thank you Megan from WA I received a gorgeous big envie of yummy girly ribbons, alphas bling, and much more ! Cannot wait to scrap with them!

Today I am thankful for
My scrapping buddies Shell and Justine
my husband painting the loungeroom while I was out scrapping yesterday!
I am thankful for Trish, Justyn, Sam and Stacey from MAP (Mad About Performing) where Mia and Ella learn singing/acting/dancing/stagecraft - mmmmwhaaa you are such down to earth supportive individuals working with our children!

Over and out today!!
Stay happy hug someone tonight!

some layouts to show!

This was my August Whitewith1 challenge layout!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Slice Machine Demonstration In Store

At last you can see this revolutionery machine in action. Create On Garden is demonstrating the slice machine on Thursday 18 September from 10.00am till 11.30am.

Come into the shop & see this exciting new machine in action.....even make a little somthing to take with you.

To find out more about this amazing craft tool click on the link below.....

See you on the 18th...remember SAVE THE DATE.



PS. Bring this coupon with you to receive a free gift!!

Hope you can come into the shop to see the Slice in real life!!