Thursday, November 20, 2008

friday 21st nov

Hi everyone
Just a quick blog update!
Miss Mia has her first piano recital today at lunchtime (called a blackboard concert in the chapel) it gives the children a small taste of performing in front of a small audience!
She has wanted to be invited all year and now her turn has come!
This morning she was nervous about it so I will be there with my sis Dee and the camera (of course)
She has one song to play (a very simple song) called Dance Band
Please send good thoughts to Mia at 1.10am AEST Friday....thanks
Mia your first few years on life's journey were not the most positive but baby look at you now!! I am so proud of you beautiful girlxxxxx
(for new readers Mia was born weighing only 740gms and she and I are blessed to be alive)

Give a special person (whether it be Teachers, Bus Drivers, Retailers, Mums struggling with shopping and little children ) a big smile today - everyone responds well to a warm smile!
xxxhugs xxx


  1. Good luck Mia honey. Hope it went well. You are so lucky to have the mum you have. She is an angel sent from heaven. Love you all!!!

  2. Shell it went well - Mia was soo nervous but the music teacher helped her and Mia was fab!
    Love you toxxx

  3. Isn't it amazing to sit back and watch the wonderful talent our children possess? High Five from across the Pacific NW for a preformance well done :D

  4. Amy, thanks sooo much
    she struggles a little with piano
    so I was very proud to see her up there
    thanks for the high five from across the pacific
    One day we will meet irl