Sunday, May 26, 2013


Last week Ella asked me to take her to Spotlight for her to use her own money to purchase some fabric paints for a project she wanted to complete!
Off we went, got our supplies (we would have been home sooner Mama but you stood talking about craft to a lady!!!)  I love this hobby networking and assisting others in their craft is great and women do it so well!!
Armed with her products, we set off home to begin : now Ella is a creative little lady  : Singing, Guitar, Piano, Gymnastics, Art !
I set about doing some cooking while ELla set up her space at the table for her creation.
Here are some pics - I was so proud of the finished product!
What do you peeps think??

Ella's galaxy tee shirt - looks fabulous  - a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


Saturday, May 25, 2013


When I opened my DT kit this month, my head was spinning with ideas!
I am renaming this gorgeous Molossi MDF tree The Tree of Love, or The Tree of Hearts!!!
Products used : from Molossi: The Love Tree: Derivan Matisse Transparent Gesso
Student fine art white paint by Global
Student fine art red paint by Global
Modelling Paste
Chroma Student Arcylic paint in Magenta
Tim Holtz typewriter words
These trees can be used in many ways: paint them pink or blue and use them for guests to sign for Baby’s First Birthday!
They can also be painted white for wedding table centrepieces – or as “money trees at a wedding”
They would also make an amazing 21st present painted in the fave colour of the birthday boy or girl
They would also be fabulous for a Christening, Baby Shower, Mother’s Day Present – the list is endless!
I am going to mix media the tree and show you how easy it is to make it look a little different!!
I mixed some Derivan Matisee Transparent Gesso Pastel Primer with some white Student paint and gave the tree 2 coats of this mixture : remember to paint both sides!
Next I mixed some Global Student impasto paint in red with some Global white and made a pretty pink colour.  I coated the tree twice in this colour.
Next I took my old favourite some modelling paste and mixed it with some bright pink paint.
I dabbed this mixture all over my Love Tree and left it to dry.
I love the effect : it looks like floaty fairy floss! By using the Modelling Paste it has given the tree depth and of course my favourite word texture!
Next I took Tim Holtz typewriter positive words and randomly placed them over the tree on both sides.
Next I used some very fine white craft ribbon and tied bows on either side of the tree, again  randomly.
I imagine this tree to be the centrepiece of a lolly buffet at a Birthday Party for a baby Girl turning 1!
What a beautiful keepsake for years to come.