Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sunday with news to share!!

Hi everyone
Wow I have some news - the first piece of news is that I picked up my new SLICE machine on Friday (after waiting patiently since we ordered it in May) well I have had a little play and I love it!
Then as I was running children to activities parties etc yesterday, my sister rang and said she had 4 free tickets to see Andre Rieu ! So, I quickly rang my gorgeous friend Jenny (mmwhaa) and dropped the girls off at 5pm and then went up to Melb with Dee (sis) and Geoff (BIL) and my husband (we never get to go out as he is nearly always working on Sat nights)
Well let me tell you - it was briliant (the gils would have loved it) what a fantastic evening!!
Arrived home around 1.30am so a little tired today so an at home day is planned!
xxxthanks for reading my blog and I always love when you leave a commentxxxx


  1. Wow Marelle, that's fantastic news, and such a wonderful experience. It was great that you and hubby got away together too! Glad to hear you had such an amazing time x

  2. There's nothing like an unexpected date with your hubby. And to see such an incredible concert too!

  3. The concert was supposed to be fantastic -mum and dad went to
    Lucky you to get free tickets and glad yu had a great time too