Thursday, November 6, 2008

life lesson 101 - Friday

Well Ella was very bright in the car this morning!
This morning's question was 'Mum if the calfs and the cows don't like eating hay" can they have something else? (coming from a VERY fussy eater I had to stop myself from laughing) I said they had nothing else so they have to eat it!
Then the next question was Mum, the africans only have "porridge" and muddy water
to eat... we should bring them all over to Australia to live and then they could have something different to eat like Nutella..
She said Mum before you say there are too many to live here, can't we just bring them one or five at a time??
Bless you Ella (this time I had tears in my eyes )
xxxxhave a great day

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