Monday, December 8, 2008

tonight presentation evening

Tonight we are off to Mia and Ella's Presetation Evening (a huge deal) the children from the junior school are rehearsing in Geelong today for the event.
I am especially proud because Mia is receiving a CITIZENSHIP award - she is a sweet girl who helps everyone in the class and playground and never has a negative word to say about anyone..(her teacher's words) Mia has come so far from that weeny 740gm baby born facing a lot of touch and go moments in those first 3 months.

DH and I are very proud and I am excited the batteries are in the charger, the video camera is charging Mia's uniform is being washed ironed and any sewing fixed up today by moi and dh is going to shine her school shoes! My sister Dee ("Dee DEe" to the girls) is coming to the evening and also Mia's big brother Greg (25) and his gf will be there also!
It will be very joyous and magical - the choir will sing, the school orchestra will perform and lots of Christmas carols will be sung in full voice! I cannot wait I love Christmas xxxx
PS: I am working all day at Create tomorrow so best get off this puta and organise myself.

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  1. Waiting up here in the US to see the pictures from the program!