Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Well, I am finally home after having 2 fabulous nights in Melbourne meeting my online buddies - in real life!Let me tell you these girls are the best such sweet ladies ......
Monday could not come quickly enough, after running around doing all the "last minute Mummy things" dropping the girls off at Dee Dee's (my sis) then heading up to the Melb Airport to pick up Peta (mmmwhaa) Michelle (mmmwhaa) and "JustTam" (lol mmmwhaa) we headed to the Quest apartments in Mont Albert to stay for 2 nights (YEAH)
wow we scrapped on Monday night and met other online buddies from Melbourne Bon (who I had met previously), Mal (oh she is sooo gorgeous) and Kerry (what a darling) and baby Taylah (4weeks) ooh such a sweet babe and Bon had Miss Lacey (9months) such a sweetie and crawling around! Sam from the forum also came to meet us all ! She is a lovely lady - it was nice to finally meet irl.
So we chatted, drank wine, ate Thai Chinese and drank more wine, scrapped and had an absolute ball
Then headed off to bed around 11pm. Tuesday morn we were up and ready to meet the lovely Heidi Swapp wow certainly no disappointment at all Heidi is such an inspirational lady - nothing was too much trouble, so head down and bottoms up 150 of us scrappers scrapped our way through the day.. then at 4pm the day class left and we helped Heidi and Chanel set up for the evening retailers class.
A small group of us shared pizza with Heidi and Chanel so yes sweet readers I had dinner with Heidi Swapp!!!!!
Then the retailer event started at 6pm with around 40 retailers attending - it was lovely and such a small intimate class - wow wow picked up some useful hints to use in the shop, and in classes!
So it was home to the apartment around 9.45pm and more scrapping and wine Bon came back and we talked (surprising I hear you say Marelle talk no way lol) and drank til 2am this morning !

It was lovely to catch up with my lovely friends from Imagination Factory and to meet 2 other ladies from another forum I chat with Cherie and Angela (ooh you look so cute with your little preggy belly!)
I caught up very briefly with my pals from Kaiser (mmmmwhhhaaaa)and Wendy (MissPurple) (mmmmwwwhaaa)
Enough of my ravings about my fantastic inspirational few days with Heidi Swapp
I will share a couple of pics!


  1. Marelle, it was so great o meet you IRL - you're an absolute gem!

    and lucky you - dinner with heidi XXX Kerry

    oh and btw thanks again to you, Mia and Ella for Tayla's beautifl fairy outfit.

  2. Wow Marelle what a few days you have had! Lucky you meeting HS, I am very jealous!!! It was great to meet you IRL, can't wait to scrap with you again!

  3. I can feel your excitement from here Marelle, sounds like such an incredible few days!! I can't wait to meet you in august. Glad you had such a good time xxx

  4. You are a LEGEND. Rubbing shoulders with all the scrappbooking elite. Personal emails to Tim and Lorraine.. You Rock chick. I'm so ENVIOUS!!!!!!

  5. Hi Marelle,
    Woo Hoo how much fun was Tuesday.... I totally agree heidi is so lovely and inspirational.
    I so wish we knew you were a few doors down from us.... oh well next time...LOL

    Chat again soon
    Cherie xx

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful, wonderful time!! Great pictures!

  7. What a great time! So glad you got to meet some friends IRL and then scrap to boot! TFS the pictures of you and Heidi.

  8. It looks like you had a fantastic time!! Lucky girl!!