Tuesday, September 16, 2008

wed 17 september 2008

I am just updating my blog before I tidy up and go to work at the LSS - Only 3 more sleeps until Crop4acause!
I finished 2 layouts last night and will upload before I go to work !
The sun is shining here this morning and as I drove the girls to school 8 pelicans glided overhead - such awkward looking birds when they walk, but to see them in the air - they look as light as a feather!
Take a look at the latest in baby couture! high heeled booties! (just a mere $35!)
Over and out for me
Smile at a stranger in the street today! you will make their day!
xxxxxhugs Mxxxx

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  1. Marelle,

    I thought you'd want to know about the SJ mb gals. Many have been terribly affected by Hurricane Ike. Kris has lost her home. Her family is safe though. Go check out the links on the mb.

    Sorry to give you such bad news. But I knew you'd want to know about your US friends.