Monday, September 22, 2008

Tuesd 23rd Sept - day 2 of school hols

Well I have survived the second day of school hols!
We went into Geelong for a little shop - before we went Miss Ella had to put purple eyeshadow on and pink lippy - then we were sitting having a coffee and she pulls out the eyeshadow with mirror and proceeds to apply it - DH smiled and people around us look horified lol - as if she needed more eyeshadow on - Miss Ella will be 7 in Feb is going on 17!!

Tomorrow I am teaching school hol program at the shop so I will be at work all day!
Thursday we are off to Melb Zoo then Friday Ella's friend Emily is spending the day with us and Mia's friend Lucy is also spending the day and staying for a sleepover!
Then Sunday Mia and Ella and I are meeting my lovely online buddy Dannii(Kipindy Photography) who is a fab photographer and we are having a 2 hour shoot at Eastern Beach 9.30am - 11.30am
then off to the aquatic centre for one of the prep's birthdays (Thomas) who is a friend of Ella's.

I visited the lovely Jane Butler's blog and pinched this quote -
"Look for beauty in everyone you meet"


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  1. What a fun story about Ella! Hope you got some pictures. Have a wonderful holiday :D