Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Wow and how hot is it
I want to share some photos from Christmas day, and would like to wish all my lovely readers a safe and prosperous 2010...
I will ponder my 2010 word tonight with a glass of champers and my scraptable!
last year's word was BALANCE well I had some balance but not as much as I had hoped!

The first three are of my nephew Scott throwing Mia into the air!

This one if of my neice Elyssa (who is 39) trying out Mia's Jumping Jax Santa left for her!

This is my darling Sister Dee and Scott's fiance poppy mucking around with the prawn heads

elyssa getting ready to do the handstand in the jumping jax

Elyssa "jumping" on the jumping jax

Elyssa running in the jax

mia and Ella in the jumping jax

Tentatively they walk lol

Christmas morning putting the jaxs on their feet


  1. Gorgeous pics, Marelle!!! Have a wonderful New Year and enjoy that champagne tonight. Take care, Deb xxx

  2. Happy new year Marelle and family : ) x

    Loving all those piccies especailly the ones with skates on!! looks like heaps fun.

  3. Love the pics with the jumping jax...looks like such fun! :)