Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Only 2 more sleeps and the School year will be over for Mia and Ella!
I have been busy making Teacher presents - Mia's (year 2) teacher Mr Kennedy has just completed his first year as a Teacher! Mia has had a lovely year and Mr K has been very kind to her and helped her enormously with Maths and her writing!
Ella also has had a lovely year with Mrs Watson in Year 1 - Mrs Watson is a soft calm caring lady who I will miss assisting in the classroom!
I now have some time next week to start preparing my Christmas cooking - lots of shortbread, mince pies, white Christmas, small plum puds and some less traditional recipes i will be trying out!

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  1. isnt it lovely when the kids get GREAT teachers.
    I am starting my list of Christmas baking today :)