Monday, October 27, 2008

only 2 sleeps until the fundraiser for the goat!

One Woman's Story....

Linda is a survivor.
Twice over now she has been diagnosed with and beaten breast cancer.
Third time around has been a cruel blow - no-one expected the diagnosis to come back as terminal cancer....

However being the amazing woman she is, Linda is not giving up without a fight. In her effort to beat cancer again Linda has undertaken a massive change in diet; this is part of a Naturopathic attempt to fight the growth of cancer cells. No more sugar, dairy, processed foods - it's not an easy thing to do.
Dairy products are out, but goats milk in an unpastuerised form is allowed - only problem is that it is illegal for farmers to sell it unpastuerised, it is impossible to source or purchase.

One of Linda's children decided that buying a goat to be milked daily would be the only solution. A quality dairy doe named 'Ashwynd Sophia' was found. These animals are not easy to find, nor are they cheap hence a fundraiser was in order!

We hope, that through the sales of these beautiful handmade cards, kindly donated by talented scrapbookers from all over Australia that we can raise the funds required to purchase Sophia, and possibly even have enough to buy her feed for a few months.

Thankyou for your generosity!

I will keep you all updated with how much we raise and when "Ashwynd Sophia" is settled, I will post a photo!
Much love

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