Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Hi everyone

I am thrilled to announce that we made $450.25 and the money has been delivered and the goat "Ashwynd Sophia" will be paid for tomorrow and hopefully picked up at the weekend. So heartfelt thanks from my friend and her mother and we all pray that the unpasturised goat's milk from the lovely Sophia will help.

My heartfelt thanks to all the dozens of scrapbookers, cardmakers, my friends and family who contributed to this fundraiser. Your support is awesome!

I still have cards arriving in my mailbox so I will continue to sell these and the money raised will help with feed for the lovely goat!

Special thanks to my Thurs scrapping circle in Geelong (you know who you are) for not only making loads of cards but purchasing loads and loads of cards !!

Special thanks to my Ballarat scrapping friends who created stunning cards and thanks to Tracey for providing all the beautiful product for them to use.

Wow the power of women never ceases to amaze me !

So if anyone would like to purchase some lovely handmade cards (Jill and Jenny can vouch for these as they purchased lots) just email me and I can bring them for you to have a look!

A huge thank you to Jane Jones in Sydney - my online friend who placed the details on her blog and had an overwhelming response hugs Jane!

A brilliant result !

Thanks again


  1. great work onthe fundraiser marelle!

  2. Marelle, you are such a beautiful person!! Congartulations with the fundraiser results!! xx

  3. congratulations marelle, you did an awesome job, you are such a lovely lady :)

  4. So glad you were able to reach your target. Well done and all the best for your friend and her mum.

    Steph M (not DS!)

  5. you are such a wonderful person Marelle!!!! in so many ways!!!

    love you LOs too:)

  6. Marelle I don't know you IRL but I am touched by your caring generous nature :) Looking forward to meeting you!!

  7. thats awesome! so glad you your fundrasing went well.