Saturday, November 21, 2015


I think we all get into a lack of creative mojo mood now and again, and I really needed some inspiration to get my mojo moving in a different direction.
I have been away on a small retreat with the lovely Gale Price and have always been inspired by her amazing work.  So I have used her work as my inspiration for this next piece.  Gale does amazing stuff with "eyes" and faces, so I tried my hand..
I spoke with Gale and she gave me a few tips, so I got to work!
I used a Mont Marte hard wood canvas as Gale recommended and found the surface lovely and strong for my first attempt.
Credit to Pinterest for the pic of the "eyes", Kmart for the feather necklace I used, house paint, acrylic student paint 


  1. Fantastic, love the back ground.. lovely face too.. love Gayles work..

  2. OOOH! you had FUN creating this....looks sooo eye catching... sorry for the pun...but it HAD to be used !!!!! Hope Mojo is well and truly back now:)