Sunday, May 26, 2013


Last week Ella asked me to take her to Spotlight for her to use her own money to purchase some fabric paints for a project she wanted to complete!
Off we went, got our supplies (we would have been home sooner Mama but you stood talking about craft to a lady!!!)  I love this hobby networking and assisting others in their craft is great and women do it so well!!
Armed with her products, we set off home to begin : now Ella is a creative little lady  : Singing, Guitar, Piano, Gymnastics, Art !
I set about doing some cooking while ELla set up her space at the table for her creation.
Here are some pics - I was so proud of the finished product!
What do you peeps think??

Ella's galaxy tee shirt - looks fabulous  - a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


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