Sunday, December 30, 2012


For me 2012 has been a year of firsts, adventure, challenges, learning, and so much more : I am grateful for all that I have been able to achieve this year, and look forward to seeing what the New Year has in store for our family. Mia journeys into Year 6 the last year of primary school - it still feels like yesterday that she was in Prep. Ella going into Year 5 with so much to experience. Stay safe tonight and I wish you the most joyful New 2013.xx xxxxxx

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  1. Happy New Year Marelle. I hope 2013 is an exciting year for you too.
    My big boy is in Grade 6 this year too. Very mixed emotions. So proud but so sad because I too remember that little boy in prep and soon he will be on a new journey in High School.