Thursday, January 5, 2012


Has had its ups and downs!
I have had time to reflect about the year just past and think about the year to come!
Of friendships that have been cemented this year, the growth of my girls both physically and emotionally - the latter is extremely hard for me as the emotions of "tweenies" can be tricky!! Beautiful lasting friendships that have come to light have really warmed my heart, dealing with the unexpected - dealing with my new normal, knowing when to "slow down" and actually doing it!!

So when thinking of my word for 2012 lots flew across my mind, but really one resonated and I kept coming back to that one word - so it came to pass that this would be the word I would live by this year - ADVENTURE - going through my bucket list to tick some off in 2012 is my goal - beginning with a trip to America alone without the family to attend CHA (Craft Hobby Association) in Chicago and to attend a very special reunion with some extremely special friends I have "known" online for around 6 years! July it is happening, and I am sooo excited - mark this one off the bucket list Marelle! Actually it is 3 off the Bucket List! Attend CHA, Meet my beautiful American friends and travel to America - I have travelled Europe but never made it to USA ..

So beautiful readers of my scrap blog, I hope to inspire you with my photos and layouts this year and thank you all for visiting my little blog!

Lots of hugs


  1. What a fabulous word and I am really envious of your trip. It just wraps it all up into one doesn't it?
    You go girl!

  2. And we are all excited to meet you too!! Can't wait!