Friday, May 7, 2010


Outside my loungeroom window today I see my beautiful old roses - they are putting their smiling faces up so I can see them - deep crimson velvety roses mmmmm
just wish I could go and smell them .... old roses make me smile and these beautiful ladies bloom nearly all year round.

I am grateful for Natalie, Narelle,Fiona, Jill, Jenny,Dee Dee for helping me in my hour of need (or in this case my 14days of need)
I am thinking how I am going to take the walker into the bedroom and get some scrapping stuff out as i am feeling a little creative... only way I can think of doing it is crawl - note to self: wait until you can walk .....
I am reading Long Walk to Freedom by nelson Mandela...
I am reading lots and lots of creative blogs....

I am grateful for my beautiful girls who seem to be growing up too quickly..

Ella went on an excursion yesterday to the Art Gallery, and a Radio Station
When I asked how her excursion was her reply was"absolutely brilliant Mum - you know the painting of the lady looking to the ground feeling sad? Well the lady who was talking to us about the art said we need to look for what the painting is trying to tell us.. I was asking very important questions mum the lady told me - you know I loved that painting and it had a message ...
the message was for the lady in the painting to look up to heaven and be happy........Ella, did the lady who was explaining to the painting tell you that was the message of the painting - no mum I worked it out by myself..
Bless her creative caring heart..

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