Wednesday, May 27, 2009

catch up time

HI lovely readers
I had a lovely hot chocolate with the lovely Leeanne Doble yesterday she has twin girls at Mia and Ella's school who started this year and are in year 1. They are both very quiet girls and are gradually settling into Christian College! Ella calls them "the doble twins" because they are identical Mum they look the same so Icall them the doble twins!!
I really enjoyed our chat (thanks Leeanne you are such a sweetie ) and you have such an amazing art talent ! thanks for sharing

A few questions : what are you reading at the moment?
I took the girls to the mobile library last night and I decided I would take some time to do some reading so I chose 2 ramdom books
One is called The Colour of Lightening by Paulette Jiles which I cannot put down!
the other is an Australian book called the The Butterfly Man by Heather Rose
I am trying to read a little before bedtime as this was a pastime I used to love but have neglected it so I decided it was time to revisit!

What is happening for the weekend?

Ella is singing 2 songs at an Open Mic at the Potato Shed Arts Centre tomorrow night and is very excited!
Warren's mother is coming for the weekend and then on Saturday it is "FarmDay" where farms around Victoria are matched with "city" families who visit for the day and experience a day on a farm! So my motherinlaw Mia and Ella and I are off to Camperdown to a wheat farm. Will post pics after .
Then on Sunday Greg (stepson) and Carley (his partner) are making use of a free Zoo pass on Sunday and taking the girls so it will be an action packed weekend for us all!
I hope to scrap on Sunday when the girls are at the Zoo and finish a couple of projects I will teach at the shop in June.

Why not let me know what is happening in your world lovelies


  1. Marelle
    sounds like you have a busy weekend.
    just wondering what you would like me to do with this BIG cheque here...Would you like to deliver it
    Take care gorgeous girl and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. hi Mel, oooh thanks I would like to deliver it
    I will email you honey