Monday, February 2, 2009

sorry about not blogging but ....

Wow I have had poor Ella down with 2 burst eardrums, a bug in her ears plus a staff infection in her ears poor love, so for the last 2 weeks we have been trying to deal with the infection with antibiotics, then more antibiotics - to no avail. Yesterday I took her to the specialist (who inserted grommets in November in her ears) who vacuumed her ears out - she was so brave and sat still and did not flinch!
Then he prescribed potent drops which I started immediately and this morning she is feeling sooo much better. Just before she had ear trouble she fell off her scooter and badly burngrazed her face and shoulder - so according to Ella "I am in the wars Mum" but as stoic as she is I did not hear her complain, just lethargic - poor little lady -
So the first day back at school yesterday going into Year 1 she missed!
This morning she was a lot better and decided she would go to school! So I sit here waiting for a phone call to go and collect her - pleased she could get to school today even if she isn't feeling her usual vibrant outgoing self!
So lovely readers I apologise, but sometimes life gets in the way of blogging!!

Over at Bons Scraps we are at the start of a fantastic New Year challenge!
why not come over and check it out - the forum is great and the talent amazing!
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