Tuesday, January 6, 2009

what is your WORD for 2009??BALANCE is mine

After lots of deep thought I have made my word for 2009 BALANCE
I am striving this year to have a life which balances every aspect (I did say striving).
So I would love to know what your WORD for 09 is and how you will achieve it!
I am going to give a nice RAK to a person who leaves a comment!
My girls will choose the name out of a hat!
So please gorgeous friends who come and visit, leave a comment about your word for 09
It is a rainy morning here in Portarlington
Hugs xxxx


  1. MODERATION will be my word for 09, so be sure to keep on reminding me my dear friend.

  2. Mine, as you know, is possibility :)

    Balance is a great one! I had so much trouble choocing only one word! There are so many things I need to focus on!

  3. ACCEPTANCE - i think this covers me and how I am feeling..... I need to accept that I cant help everyone, I cant do everything, and accpet that you have only let me have one word for the whole year LOL

  4. mine is BLESSED!!!
    i feel truely blessed for everything i have and i want to continue to remember that.

  5. I left you some lovin' honey. Check my blog

  6. nurture will be my word for 2009... i hope i can apply it to all paets of my life..

    Cherie xx

  7. I have decided my word will be CHANGE
    I have many changes I would like to make in my life for my health and my peace of mind!

  8. accomplishment is mine, lol I think anyway, and a great blog Marelle

  9. i can't pick just one word
    i need the whole dictionary i think

  10. MIne is POSITIVE, staying positive about babies, work, balancing work and home etc etc etc.

  11. Love your word Marelle, mine is RELAX - I ill be using it for many everyday occurences here xxx