Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday - a quick post before I hit the sack

HI everyone
It is Tuesday and I am working at Create on Garden tomorrow - so if you are around, pop in and have a look at the new scrapping stuff we have in store!!
My scrapping day has now changed from Friday to Thursday with Shelley G Justine and Vic - we didn't get to scrap last week, and I am having withdrawals! lol
I am going to scrap some of the photos I have taken this week with my new camera!
I am loving it - it is so easy to use and the photos are so clear!
I am going to take it on Thursday to get a pic of our scrapping group (ssssh don't tell the girls) and if they agree, I will post a pic of us scrapping!
Today I am thankful for the rain again,
Thankful for Mia's paed. (who is a blessing - thanks KA)who reviewed her today (she is still underweight but we are working on it)and doesn't need to see her for 6 months. Mia has grown 3cm in the last 6 months and only put on 1k - so sustagen every day to put on weight for Miss MIa (if only I had that problem lol)When he examined her she had fluid on the ear that was perforated a little while ago - it just takes the gorgeous little lady a while to get over illness!
I am thankful for my baby friend Clem who is nearly crawling (he is 6months)
Night night
Hugs to all
PS: Tell someone you love them tomorrow - and mean it!!(it will make their day!)

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  1. I love you - there job done!!!
    See you tomorrow chicky!!